You are loved

 If pain is a pit than I've fallen canyons deep   Tumbling o’er the edge of what never was to be   And it is said that He will dry every tear we weep  But I can’t see it now    I’ve watched the story end before it could unfold   And lost what could not be, or … Continue reading You are loved


Introducing: Far Kingdoms

Hey! Do you like reading and/or writing stories of a fantastical nature? Are you a fan of snark and geeky stuff? Have you ever discussed whether it'd be better to marry an immortal bow-wielding elf or the mysterious and noble king of men? Then do I have the blog for you! Introducing: Far Kingdoms- my … Continue reading Introducing: Far Kingdoms


A few weeks ago I found myself in a distressing conundrum. I was well into my third pregnancy with what the doctors guessed was a 7 pound baby boy. Everyone was healthy, my Braxton Hicks contractions were intense enough to send me to the hospital twice for false labor, and my belly was so out … Continue reading Peace


The mid-morning air is still cool and comfortable as I amble along the long drive of my office's farm-nestled property. August so far has been gracious; his searing sun relents from the usual suffocating heat and looks down instead with a gregarious sheen. I move slowly, heavy with the physical demands of late pregnancy, yes, … Continue reading Cicadas

And so, I write

God is the ultimate storyteller, and we are characters in the story that points to him. It's an intriguing concept, isn't it? Last summer we did a video series for the Jr. High youth group called Notes From The Tilt-A-Whirl, working within that theme as it handled the usual "Christian-stumping" questions- the problem of evil, … Continue reading And so, I write

Agents, conferences, revisions, and life in between

The market froze. Every voice ceased, every breath held tightly against hearts stopped in chests.  Not one sound, except for the pounding of 135’s boots.   The Enforcement Squad was among them now, black blurs shoving through the crowd in stasis. Gun barrels winked under the lights of the market. The guards were shouting. Commands … Continue reading Agents, conferences, revisions, and life in between